Former Olympic finalist and British 400m record holder Iwan Thomas today visited Wildcat Hovercraft while filming for the forthcoming TV show "The Headliners".
After receiving a safety briefing from our marshals, Iwan was kitted out with a localized....View Now


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About Wildcat Hovercraft

Wildcat Hovercraft was established in 1998 with the aim of offering a new and exciting form of motorsport to a corporate and public audience.

The owners of Wildcat Hovercraft have been supplying top grade entertainment since the mid 1980s. Prior to establishing hovercraft racing in the UK, we ran a world class paintball site, supplied paintball equipment worldwide and introduced the human catapult to the world in the 1990s in the form of the Skyrider.

Nowadays Wildcat Hovercraft still offers hovercraft racing as its main attraction, but also offers many additional and unusual activities. Whatever the size or background of your group, Wildcat Hovercraft can provide you activities that are great fun while also being a bit different.

Wildcat Hovercraft have a strong commitment to entertainment and customer care. The comments we receive from our customers tell us that we make your day an experience you will want to repeat.