Former Olympic finalist and British 400m record holder Iwan Thomas today visited Wildcat Hovercraft while filming for the forthcoming TV show "The Headliners".
After receiving a safety briefing from our marshals, Iwan was kitted out with a localized....View Now


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Hovercraft Circuit

Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Berkshire countryside, our purpose-built hovercraft circuit is over 1km in length. It is simple to drive on but difficult to master.

The circuit is oval in shape and is tackled in an anti-clockwise direction. From the start you fly through a series of S-bends along one side before negotiating an extremely tricky downhill hairpin. Out of the hairpin and you are on the main straight, which is over 250m in length and allows you to build up some serious speed. Finally you throw the craft sideways at top speed into a wide sweeping corner to complete the lap.

You race on land only for safety reasons, but subject to weather conditions the circuit may include several areas of water 6-8 inches deep.

Safety is of paramount importance to us and both inner and outer boundaries of the circuit are clearly marked using a flag system. Releasing the throttle of a hovercraft will quickly bring you to a standstill, but we have also provided substantial run-off areas around the entire circuit just in case. The grass here is allowed to grow much longer than on the circuit itself - since hovercraft will not move in long grass, this guarantees that you will stop quickly if you leave the circuit while racing.