Former Olympic finalist and British 400m record holder Iwan Thomas today visited Wildcat Hovercraft while filming for the forthcoming TV show "The Headliners".
After receiving a safety briefing from our marshals, Iwan was kitted out with a localized....View Now


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Hovercraft Information

We are often asked how racing one of our hovercraft compares to go karting. Even if you are a go karting expert, you will start from scratch when you drive one of our hovercraft for the first time. Although a hovercraft might seem an obvious alternative to a go kart, the similarities between the two are in fact very limited and the driving style required is very different.

While go karting, you would normally hit the brakes or slide the go kart when you approach a sharp corner. Not so in a hovercraft - you don't have any brakes! You cannot stay on the throttle and slide round a corner as you would while go karting, because you will keep going straight on!

The skills required to drive one of our craft are good balance, fine judgement and forward thinking. For this reason, we find that our customers are often surprised just who excels at driving a hovercraft. The skills are different enough from go karting or any other form of land-based racing to put everyone on a level playing field from the start.

There are major differences in controls between a go kart and one of our hovercraft. Go karts are controlled via two pedals and a steering wheel, whereas our hovercraft are manoeuvred using a combination of handlebars, hand throttle and the weight of the driver. There are no brakes - stopping is achieved by releasing the throttle, thereby deflating the supporting cushion of air and quickly bringing the craft to a standstill.

The craft you race with Wildcat Hovercraft are thoroughbred Formula 25 racers with a proven winning pedigree. Designed and custom-built in our own workshop, they have been created to provide you with a strong, safe machine that will provide all the thrills of racing, but without the risks.

Hovercraft racing, go karting and all forms of motorsport are dangerous. Every driver is given a full safety briefing before being allowed into the craft and drivers are supervised by our team of experienced marshals at all times when racing. As a result, our safety record is exemplary. Our aim is to make sure that your experience driving a hovercraft is not only great fun, but also totally safe.

Hovercraft Specification Summary

* Powerful 700cc engines
* Capable of speeds in excess of 50mph
* Responsive controls
* Strong, durable and safe design
* Emergency engine kill switch